The best RETRO CONSOLES from the original creators emerges with the aim of giving the most accurate and useful information of the RETRO CONSOLES. You can see the history of the most important consoles and an analysis of the mini consoles of what you have to know before buying a mini version. Do you want to see the best ones?

Consola Retro Mini ¡original!

Do not buy anything pirate ☠️ look at the best options made by the original companies:

🏅 NES Classic Edition (Nintedo)

nes mini

Its quality is so high that it popularized the retro mini consoles. Not for nothing the NES Mini had higher sales than the PS4, the Nintendo Switch and XBOX One in the US in June 2018.

The games are of 8 bits and here the most important sagas of Nintendo were started with Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid.

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Super NES Classic Edition (Nintedo)

super nes mini

Being a Nintendo console has an indisputable quality. There are the best games of the Nintendo sagas as Super Mario Wolrd. Being more advanced than those of the NES by the 16 bits

Otra cosa destacable es que aprendieron de los errores que cometieron con la NES Classic incluyendo 2 controles con cable mucho más extenso.

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Mega Drive / Genesis Mini (SEGA)

mega drive classic game console

The Mega Drive or Genesis was the direct competition of the SNES at the time of the 16 bits. Something similar happens with its mini versions. Will it be that after many years SEGA can compete with Nintendo?

One of the biggest criticisms is its game catalog, but in the depth analysis I show you how to solve it.

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Master System Portable (SEGA)

master system mini

The only retro version of this console that, being an economic alternative, is designed for children. This is mainly due to the size, but also, it lacks some classic games and port that does have Mega Drive.

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🕹️ Atari Flashback

Atari Flashback

It is the mini desktop version of the Atari 2600. Although they are basic games on a graphic level, they could be of interest to people who like challenges.

Considering that it was the first mini console there are too many versions. In the analysis we made a comparison between the most important:

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Atari Flashback Portable

Atari Flashback Portable

Seeing the success of the Atari Flashback decided to release 2 portable versions. And although they have a very varied game catalog of the Atari 2600 you can install it even more.

One of these laptops has an improved version of the original Pac-Man. In terms of quality, the second version has some slight improvements, but use is best seen in the in-depth analysis.

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The original retro consoles. Do they matter?

Here we show you the history of the most influential consoles and with the best retro video games in history.

🕹️ Atari 2600 (1977)

Atari 2600

It helped to popularize video games, but at the same time it caused one of the biggest crises in video games. Their games, although they are not so impressive nowadays, were the bases for the later games.

If you want to see how Atari ruined himself and the industry? and How do I manage to make the worst port and games in history?

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NES (1985)


It was the first Nintendo console to enter the US market, being a resounding success and presented sagas as important in 8 bits as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man …

This in the middle of the videogame crisis where neither the consumers nor the stores had confidence in this entertainment medium. How could it enter the stores? and restore trust in people?

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Master System (1986 )

master system 1 original

It was the direct competition of the NES with a more powerful 8-bit processor. The most notable games were Alex Kidd, Wonderboy, Phantasy star and Wonder Boy III. This one had almost no success.

Luckily he had a second version with a moderate success that he had with Mega Drive ports like Sonic the Hedgehog. In addition to this, what was the real reason for the success of the Master System 2?

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Genesis o Mega Drive (1989)

MegaDrive Genesis

The only console that could compete against the 16 bits of the SNES coming out 2 years before this, but was this really the reason for its success? Because we have in mind that he also had the first Sonic The Hedgehog.

Even with this, the console would not have sold so much without the master technique of Tom Kalinske that is used even with the consoles of today, do you want to know it?

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Super Nintendo (1991)

super nintendo

Considered by the experts the most powerful console of 16 bits that counted with the best games of the most important sagas of Nintendo, that began with his first console. Even with this, the SEGA Mega Drive took away half of the market, but why did it fail if it was more powerful? What really went wrong?

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